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VPLLEX Refrigerator Natural Activated Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer | Odor Remover | Charcoal Air Purifying Deodorant Fridge Cleaner Tools | Fridge Air Freshener Kills Bateria & Remove Bad Smell (6)

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  • 【KEEPS FRESH & DRY】- The the powerful absorption properties of the activated charcoal can remove odors or bad smells in your refrigerators, freezers, closets, bathrooms and any other house corners. Besides, the activated charcoal is the natural humidity absorber which absorbs excessive moisture thus to keep your home fresh and dry.

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  1. 【SAFE FOR KIDS AND PETS : 100% NATURAL】- The activated wood charcoal has 100% natural ingredients. That is why they are so popular around the world than chemical sprays or electric plug-ins air fresheners. The pose no any risks to the environment or pets. Especially for families with kids, the activated charcoa odor eliminator is the best and only choice.

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